D3 beta stuck at updating tools

Wipe cache partition is a little different, in that it will delete the various temporary files that Android uses when installing apps or other system related tasks.

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On our test phone, the Moto G, the process is started by holding down the power button as well as the volume down button for a few seconds.

When you release the combination your phone should avoid the normal startup screen, with its graphics and manufacturers logo, and instead display a small list of options.

So when you install updates or perform factory resets, these tasks are performed by the recovery mode tools.

As you can guess, they're very powerful, and can destroy data quickly, so it's a good idea not to experiment too much when you're using them.

Accessing the recovery mode is reasonably straightforward when you know the right buttons to press, but as these vary from device to device it will require a few minutes on Google, or the manufactures website, to work out which is the combination for you.