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Through a ridiculously kind gift by my partner’s parents, he and I recently went on an actual trip, out of the house and everything.Along the way, we checked out Seattle and the Museum of Pop Culture (Mo Pop), originally known as the Experience Music Project. Not sure what I think of it, but again, it doubtless put architecture into the civic conversation, and as a resident of a city that pissed away its chance to have a Calatrava, I’m in favor of that too.

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This model was conceived as a reply to the ES 175, but its early Guild humbuckers give a strong and distinctive personality.

Great jazz and blues guitar, all original including the frets. Figured ash body, two-tone sunburst finish, maple neck and bakelite parts.

The original circuitry shows potentiometers date February '56, paper capacitor, intact solder-joints, three way CRL selector switch and Switchcraft jack-socket.

The fingerboard shows some wear, but the frets are still in decent condition with lots of room for bending and a nice and easy action.

The body is dated March 1956, has a very deep contour which makes it light and comfortable.