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Also, Asian countries have stricter domestic violence laws (except South Korea).5.

In Singapore, men still pay for dates even though they have a way harder time finding jobs due to national service.

It's taboo in Asian culture if a guy can't give a his GF whatever she wants (i.e.

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These groups and clubs are a great starting point for newly-arrived foreigners in Singapore; you meet new people and start to get to know the country better.

You can also share your problems and queries with the people you meet at these clubs and learn from their experience and expertise.

Modern-day jobs have seen a marked rise in the number of women employees in the workforce, and many of these women are leaving no stone unturned in proving their mettle in the professional arena.

Married or single, women no longer hesitate in travelling across countries for official assignments.

Read up on the blogs related to the topic (there are several) to learn how day-to-day life feels for expat women in this city state.