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And the pro-Brexit cheerleaders in the media pile in and give them a kicking for good measure, distorting any valid arguments along the way.

I was struck by a newspaper article by Michael Gove, in which he rightly railed against the danger of the creeping pro-Left-wing ‘monoculture’ in universities, where ‘policing speech and hostility to dissent’ was becoming ‘the new normal’.

Or the warning by CBI president Paul Drechsler that it would be ‘irresponsible and wrong’ to leave the EU without a deal.

Some British exports, including food, would face tariffs of 50 per cent, he said. To the Brexit-at-any-cost brigade, Mr Drechsler is not speaking up for British business – he’s just another ‘Remoaner’ to be scoffed at.

The single lifestyle has become prevalent in Indonesia, whose society strongly upholds the universality of marriage.