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If you are going to have a shot at overcoming the preferential treatment for Chan, you can't fall or the judges will use that to give the edge to Chan. Figure skating costs on average 20k a year if you're competitive.It shouldn't be any surprise that wealthy conservatives push this sport on their children. Did it take a huge part in helping me come to terns with being gay? The reality is, 99% of male single skaters are gay in real life.

Skate Canada obviously can't get rid of Paul Poirier for being gay since he and his skating partner are the top Canadian dance team right now with Virtue & Moir out. I don't think they get rid of anybody, that could expose them to a human rights charter challenge. US Figure Skating came to the financial rescue of the Stars on Ice franchise last year.

Paul and Vanessa are likely to be the next stars of Canadian skating. They just suggest how much better your life would be if you left competitive skating and they over hype your competitors to convince you that your winning was a fluke and was not likely to happen again. Is she one of the Christian homophobes in figure skating? So I'm guessing there are a few homophobes, beyond Scott Hamilton. The Evangelical Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, will not be in power forever.

Their current director is former Focus on the Family Canada (yes they are world wide).

Skate Canada has also officially promotes 2 Evangelical Charities: World Vision Ministries and Serving n Mission.

American figure skater, Rachell Flatt, is also an Evangelical Christian.