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So, off I went again on my familiar, well-traveled road, until one day, I passed that narrow, tangled path again. I went a little further along on this one and picked up some new skills, but again, the trail was a dead end. ” he said, darting ahead down the dark and scary trail. But, with one last burst through the dark and tangled overgrowth… And while I had always imagined there would be much joy and happiness when we finally got to the end of this trail, in reality, that wasn’t the case at all. But, I know there’s another pesky beginning waiting off in the distance. My son Jordan has also tried to convince me that sleeping in a hammock tied between two trees is much more comfortable than sleeping in a tent.

Instead, I found another side trail that kept me busy for a while. “Just follow me, plus there are others up ahead to help us. Each time that happened, we returned to the main trail scratched and exhausted, vowing not to venture off-path again. It would take time, strength, patience, and willpower to get there. He bolted into the light while the rest of us hung back and waved. We are left reeling from that jarring ending and still wondering how to start our next new beginning. It’s messy, and confusing, and often, we feel profoundly sad and lost. The trick is, to be ready when it pops out of the big messy middle.

The truth is, I’ve been “thinking Jacob” for so long, it’s been hard to know what to write next… I think I will just stop asking for advice and assume that the rest of the Trekkers have a far better handle on this subject than me. Join me in my journey as I embrace the curious life.