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Typically, Formatting Marks are not visible unless you turn them visible by pressing on the Home tab in Word: Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl * or Ctrl Shift 8 to toggle Show/Hide Formatting Marks on or off.

Toggling the display of formatting marks has two functions: 2. On the left, under Always show these formatting marks on the screen choose what formatting marks you want to be visible even after turning the button off.

But just in case you have a change of heart in the future, you can turn on recent documents again simply by changing the "0" to something like "5" or "17", depending on how many you want to see. TNP đŸ˜‰ Want to be a desktop publishing great, diagnosis spreadsheeting wiz or Power Point guru and help the environment at the same time? Microsoft have released an extra section on Microsoft Office Online called Lighten up: Reduce your carbon footprint and workplace costs. Just near the "Merge & Center" button in the menu there are three buttons.

Obviously they left one tip for reducing your impact on the environment… Well you will notice that whilst the text will be horizontally centered… One that has lines at the top, patient one that has lines in the middle, and one that has lines at the bottom (the one with lines at the bottom will be selected).

There are many formatting, or sometimes called non-printing, marks in Word.

Let’s me introduce you to the most common ones and what are they used for: ) or pilcrow represents the end of the paragraph or paragraph break.

In other words, object anchor is like a hook or ring found on the back of the painting that is used to hang paintings on the wall.