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Mlungisi displays uncharacteristic behaviour, which an unlikely ally tries to explain away. Monday 27 November 2017 Episode 2919 Quinton is rebuffed by one woman when he tries to apologise, and threatened by another when he refuses to back down.

Friday 24 November 2017 Episode 2918 Romeo is determined to get the truth, but someone else reveals it before Romeo finds out anything. Stokkies takes the blame for something he didn’t do. Tuesday 28 November 2017 Episode 2920 Quinton sets a record straight publicly, and Lindiwe refuses to believe a truth.

Layla withdraws from a current situation in order to manage her messy past. Friday 3 November 2017 Episode 2903 Yvonne believes her life is over, but is thrown an unexpected lifeline by a friend.

Quinton is horrified by the complications in the life of someone close to him. Monday 6 November 2017 Episode 2904 Yvonne realises she has struck gold, but needs to get her hands on it.

Maletsatsi panics, but is determined to keep her fears from the world. Thursday 23 November 2017 Episode 2917 A truthful explanation is not believed, and an accusation leads to confusion.