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television program entitled Maggie and the Ferocious Beast which sounds suspiciously like Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings from my youth – In the program Beast, apparently, blurts out said term several times per episode.

and –Googly Moogly by Hip Hop artist Project Pat, in which the term is exclaimed repeatedly throughout the chorus.

When I was finished shopping I headed to the register and there she was. I had butterflies in my stomach but vowed to go through with it.

I waited until there was nobody at her line and then I walked up.“Hello Michelle,” I said. “I was in here a week ago for some things and you threatened me with your gun.” She smiled at that, and I knew that she remembered me then. “I am fine, but do you remember what happened last week when I was in your line?

Explore stately Chatsworth and then ride the rollercoasters at Alton Towers.