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Steele, in her first year as host and sideline reporter for ESPN, has faced scrutiny ever since it was disclosed that she was dating the Minnesota Vikings quarterback; they now are engaged.It is generally frowned upon by women sports reporters to go out with athletes.

So it has really nothing to do with anything on the football field."In the three games since Ponder confirmed the relationship between the two Florida State alums, he has completed just 51% of his passes and thrown just two touchdowns to four interceptions.

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“When it comes to doing my job and covering the sports that I cover and doing my best to do that with journalistic integrity, there has not been a single time where that has ever come up and been a problem.

I understand what you are saying in the sense that there has never been something as clear-cut as this, but I did not invent this wheel. The main thing for us is we were going to be honest about this situation once we realized this was the real deal.

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