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Eureka has the lowest average annual temperature and least precipitation of any weather station in Canada with an annual mean temperature of −18.8 °C (−1.8 °F).

Winters are frigid, but summers are slightly warmer than at other places in the Canadian Arctic.

Shuffling westwards from the Embarrassments of Ellesmere Island we quickly encounter the wonders of Axel Heiberg Island and enter a strange realm of mainstream absurdities.

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Dahurian Larch, Larix gmelinii, is a species of larch native to eastern Siberia and adjacent northeastern Mongolia, northeastern China (Heilongjiang) and North Korea. Larix gmelinii is a medium-sized deciduous coniferous tree reaching 10-30 m tall, rarely 40 m, with a trunk up to 1 m diameter.

Northernmost Larch (Dahurian larch Larix gmelinii) About 150 km west of Khatanga River outfall, Taymyr Peninsula, Siberia, Russia.

The celebrated Farthest North Spruce Tree on the Alaska Pipeline, a popular tourist stop, was mortally damaged in July when an unknown axeman chipped away an expanse of bark around the tree.

There are no clues to the identity of the deranged Bunyan(s).

This “Fossil Forest” is not petrified but contains all its organic matter, making it a unique glimpse into an ancient ecosystem.