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"Rhiannon and I are working such late hours so it is cool to have someone there because it can be really lonely."Acting is also something Mastin would "love to do"."I've been offered a couple of things so far but none of the roles have been just right," he said.

‘Home and Away’ actress Rhiannon Fish has jumped to her boyfriend Reece Mastin’s defence after a fan accused him of asking her for nude photos on Twitter.

He previously studied a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics between 2006-2010 at the Universiyt of New England.

Anthony Andreazza is the sole member of the Facebook group “Undergraduate Student Representatives at UNE”, dating back to 2010. In angry response to the “abscence” of the Student Association, Anthony Andreazza is also the sole member of “Armidale Forum of Free Thinking Academics”, with a statement “Turn up and find out how/if they are representing you!

The ‘Shout it Out’ singer himself also tweeted his fans to thank them for their support and for not believing the “stupid thing.” “Thanks [sic] you to all my fans that didn't take part and believe this stupid thing, you guys are the ones I call my true lil rockers and I love u,” he wrote before teasing shortly afterwards that he has a surprise coming soon for his fans.