Ryan sheckler dating kayla

Throughout the course of the series, she serves as Vice President of the youth apparel division, but, in the finale, becomes president of the company, after Max Madigan, the previous president, retires. Madigan notices her wearing one of his designs, with a True Jackson twist.

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Now, True fires her current assistant, and Lulu becomes her new one.

Later in Firing Lulu, True must decide whether to fire Lulu after she makes a mistake with one too many of True's projects.

True enjoys the job at first but later sees that most people from the company don't like her ideas and personality.

True considers quitting, but she instead changes her mind, after she's comforted by her boss' nephew, Jimmy, whom she develops a crush on.

When they check it out, they find out that Amanda used to be a dork to all the other kids.