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my Father was a strict Catholic and he would regularly spank me when i was a child; nothing sexual or abusive, merely because i deserved to be punished.

However, my Father died when i was 14 and after that i ran wild; boys, underage drinking etc.

Slightly tipsy, i quickly stripped and knelt before Him, giving Him my best blow-job. This became my regular Wednesday recreational activity; four rampant boys to fuck me, dinner and a long cock sucking session to follow. And there i was, sitting naked at the table as W/we ate dinner.

After a few weeks, while showering while They were downstairs preparing dinner, i had an idea; i decided not to get dressed, after all, i would only end up stripping again before too long. The last week of term, Their last week at university, They planned something special for me.

My training began immediately; i was made to strip and kneel before my new owner and a steel collar was locked, snugly, around my neck.