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We have entered an era where faster equals superior, and the world of staffing is no exception.

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By streamlining the interview process and truly listening to the feedback that the candidate is giving you, you could realize who your perfect candidate would be almost immediately. Make sure to minimize distractions during the interview, and be prepared with questions that are more meaningful than just the standard one-liner.

Soon your company will be on their way to a fast but effective interview process.

Time savings are arguably the most valuable aspect of streamlined interviewing as the process can be trimmed down to hours from days, and even cut down from months in some cases. When time is money, this is dollar signs that you could easily be putting back into your business.

As more time conscious millennials enter the workforce, streamlined interviewing could serve as a major incentive to get candidates in the door.

Same when finding a perfect candidate for your company. They have traditionally been viewed as supplying only temporary positions.