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I'm switching to an autoloader for hunting (mostly pheasant and duck). Just looking for some opinions from the "experts"thanks a lotbob My vote would be a Benelli SS, have owned a couple 11-87 Remington and they are nice guns, but the point ability and feel of the SS is better "to me".

You know it is strictly opinion and yes I think they are worth the money. Softest recoil is a tie between the SX2 and the Gold (they are nearly identical gas operates autos.)Final answer..whatever you like that fits your budget.

This is such a subjective question as dlh711 said it's what fits you best and you shoot best. I liked the Beretta extrema it shoots well I thought.

They are better for cycling lighter loads than the M1/M2. Their barrels are also ported which ay not be too good for blinds and boats with blinds. It holds four shells total and cannot accept an extension. This design is more complicated to clean than most. The Evolve, Fusion, and SL models are similar to the standard Gold but are very light in weight and balance with more weight towards the stock. They are basically the same gun with different shaped receivers (390 angled/3901 rounded). This model does not have a magazine release making the unloading take a tad longer than most. It has stock shims available for it from the Gold FLD (Classic). This is the only model that does not have a magazine cutoff of any kind but, can be tricked into having a magazine cutoff by holding up the carrier and pulling back on the bolt.

They are fairly light in weight, have stock shims, and automatic magazine cutoffs. They are very easy to clean and have an automatic magazine cutoff. They have overbored barrels which tends to pattern non toxic and larger payloads better. It does not have the speed load and magazine cutoff features. They have an automatic magazine cutoff's and shims for the stock. They don't have the best triggers in terms of weight and creep. Weight wise they are about average and balance with more weight towards the stock. The Light field model is the same but quite a bit lighter and balances with more weight towards the stock.

They do not accept a magazine extension to hold more.