The 5 rules of double dating etiquette

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Instead of “the lion attacks the village” you have “the village is attacked by a lion.” Notice how the second sentence is somehow less exciting (even though it contains a killer lion?

) This is why avoiding the passive voice is so important.

Once you’re finished inputting, remember to expand the Yoast box and check out the Content Analysis portion for some helpful hints about what you should improve before you publish. Notice how the second sentence explains why learning these content writing tips is important? That point is this — creating web content writing is a lot different than writing a 7th grade book report. Nothing drives us crazier than people putting apostrophes in pluralized words. We learned most of this stuff by double checking the words/grammar/spelling/etc. It takes a little time at first, but if you make a habit of not having to double check the same thing twice you’ll be an expert in no time. You’d be amazed at how many words people misuse on a regular basis.

This should be an integral part of every piece of content you write. Your audience isn’t an overworked and underpaid teacher with no choice but to read your reworded Cliffs Notes on Lord of the Flies. When in doubt about spelling, capitalization or grammar, Google it! Then, you can write your own blogs about web content writing tips! For instance, peruse probably doesn’t mean what you think it does (in fact, it’s probably the opposite). Don’t use a $3 word when a 10 cent word will suffice, unless you’re going for the “most pretentious web content writer” award. There is no such thing as a “set it and forget it” content strategy (well, not if you’re good at what you do).

Is your web content representative of you and your company? Error-free, compelling copy is one of the best and make people trust your company more (after all, who wants to give their credit card number to a business that can’t tell the difference between there/their/they’re or puts unnecessary apostrophes in plural words? We don’t always write keyword-based posts, but when we do they tend to rank well.