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The aircraft took a flight path not previously flown to regions they had never previously operated in, spokesman Shen Jinke said, according to a post on the Air Force's official microblog.

It also coordinated with fighter jets, alert aircraft and guided missile forces, the post stated. South Korean media reports said B-1B Lancer bombers could join the exercise this week.

China's Air Force said Monday that a surveillance aircraft had been conducting drills in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea to 'improve combat-readiness and safeguard the country's strategic interests'.

The surveillance flight would have taken place as U. fighter jets arrived in South Korea ahead of the annual joint drill which started yesterday.

The country's interior, while transected by various mountain ranges, is high plateau, or meseta, generally divided into the northern and southern mesetas.

Such general geographic distinctions as north/ south, coastal/interior, mountain/lowland/plateau, and Mediterranean/Atlantic are overwhelmed by the variety of local geographies that exist within all of the larger natural and historical regions.

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