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I went in for another read in Canada, while I was there with the casting director. And I had three schools by the time I was 21, and I started teaching actors and actresses martial arts on movie sets.

And your martial-arts training was always the one thing that was so special about you and different, that separated you from everybody.

That fits in the matter of him taking mushrooms with his slave or not wanting to be king and him not necessarily being a good father or a good ruler.

I think that’s what really makes it very interesting.

So I ended up finding a dialect coach to work with me, because they wanted the Old Norse way of speaking and a Viking accent, and no one really knew what they sounded like. We created different sounds to try to make—it’s such an international cast, to have everybody unified, and to sound similar. But I ended up putting myself on tape in my living room, and a few months later, I was shooting in Canada, and I got a call saying they want me to go in again but they need me to look more worn out, more like a real Viking, with the makeup and more raw. And I did the screen test at MGM, and three days later, I was off to Ireland. It was interesting to see the history takes a few steps backward later, in terms of women and their power in society. I was heavily into gymnastics at a young age, and my parents decided we’re all going to do it as a family activity.