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After a pandemic has killed off most of the earth’s population, the crew find out that the Chinese leader has been stock piling the cure to the deadly plague instead of distributing it to the people of the region.The show, which stars Eric Dane (), is set to premiere on TNT June 12th.“They had a huge party for us, which was a lot of fun.” But his favorite part of the District has a decidedly less Hollywood feel. Natural History is my favorite—it covers everything!

“I had a wonderful friend ask me if I wanted to go build a school two years ago,” he says of his first experience with the organization.

That trip, to Malawi, was the first of five that Van Winkle has taken.

You guys work long days, when you get home are you picking up the script and learning the next day’s lines? Travis Van Winkle: I will say we’ve actually done a pretty good job staying true to the order. I want to see the script, I’ll go over the script a bunch and then I’ll find the schedule.

Whatever scenes come first, I’ll make sure to put that on the top of my agenda.

“We’re filming the process of us fundraising and building the school in Malawi,” Van Winkle says.