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In two years, the Atlanta-based creative force will begin working exclusively with Viacom with a focus on BET, where he will be responsible through 2024 for 90 TV episodes a year.

He will also immediately get to develop films for Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, which probably appealed to his ability to have a one-stop distributor for both TV and movies.

On the show, matchmaker Patti Stanger, focuses on the issues that prevents Jordan from finding love which all stems from her relationship with her father.

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Despite reports the pair had been “totally flirting” at Elton John’s 70th-birthday party in March, the actor firmly denied it with a frustrated message on Sunday, April 9.

At the time of their rumored flirtation last month, Perry, 32, had just broken up with Orlando Bloom, 41, following a year of dating.

Ne Ne Leakes has achieved what many of the real housewives no doubt have only dreamt of: a legit acting career. I would love to work with Tyler, however, we’re friends.

After seeing her spar with Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice, Ryan Murphy cast her in a recurring role on Glee and later as a series regular in his semi-autobiographical NBC comedy The New Normal. So whenever we’re talking about anything, I never say, "Oh, let me be in your film," or anything like that.

And if he chooses to do short-form video programming, Viacom will have access to that as well.