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Normally you had to browse your MP by XML to view your project content. Even when the build gives errors back you will see it in the Error list window. Wow never have to use CTRL G again ; – ) Add existing Item and you can choose several KPI to create. The nice part is that you can even automate this so that you can create 100x rule at ones. And yes the version number is also incremented at build.Then load it in to the widget , for now with File – open.

Using the VSAE you can convert your OM07 MPs to the new VSAE project types.

Just put the Solution to your Source Safe system and every thing will be versioned. Just create the KPI using the template and the look at the generated code behind and copy it. I personally would liked if this generated code was also reflexed back against the template.

You can create a new folder and drag them into here. In part 1 I promised when I had time I would make a prototype of a OM 12 Widget that would show a Visio document and update the health states on it. Make a OM 2012 widget and load a Visio document in it.

Be aware that there is a little bug: The resource MP objects haven’t the images file extensions. So , not that I had time but the coolness factor was to high , so I offered some hours on Sunday to get this working… Then refresh the shape data according to the OM target health states.

You can even configure that the MP has to be sealed before import.