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Understanding the impact a crisis has on the leader is critical to stepping up to the podium as an instructor or facilitator.

In teaching crisis leadership in over 100 seminars and workshops, the following lessons can help you prepare: to a crisis becomes a matter of common sense.

Jim had spoken earlier of the importance of love and leadership, and I reflected on all the kindness, generosity, and camaraderie I had experienced over the course of those few days. So, I wrote on my card that I was going to be more intentional about leading with love, and then I caught a plane back to Denver.

Getting Started Why did I choose to write intentional love on my card?

"There was an unmistakable crack of a firearm..another and another. Customers and employees seeking cover and darting for the exits. one hollers, followed by more screams and shots..." Unfortunately, this scene is playing out in more and more businesses, government agencies, and in public spaces around the country.